The filter medium


Traditional mechanical methods of filtration of particulate filters do not provide the type of backfill removal of insoluble particles less than 20 microns. This is usually enough to solve problems of water treatment.


A unique opportunity to meet the challenges of water treatment provides a ceramic filter media MACROLITE, jointly developed by American companies Kinetico and 3M specifically for use in the field of water treatment. Initially, the filter medium is used exclusively for filtering oxidized ferric iron in domestic water purification systems. However, due to its high performance is gained more widespread use, including commercial and industrial applications.
MACROLITE main advantage is that when using it for the removal of undissolved particles having a size of 3-5 microns do not need to make a preliminary chemical treatment of water, the purpose of which is particle coarsening coagulation or flocculation techniques. This provides a very high degree of purification with a relatively small pressure drop. Furthermore, filling of the filter media effectively expands MACROLITE backwash almost completely restores its filtering ability.
The unique properties due MACROLITE shape and surface structure of its constituent particles. Due to the properties of the ceramic material from which they are made, all the particles have a high uniformity of shape and size, as well as advanced sherehovatoy surface. This effectively delay the smallest insoluble impurities contained in the water.
MACROLITE is chemically neutral, physically hard and durable material that provides very high durability of the filter medium. It is not destroyed during backwashing, even with a large number of filtering cycles and practically not require periodic replacement or replenishment.



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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