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Water treatment must always begin with an analysis of water. Choose the adequate equipment in color, smell and taste of water nevozmozhno.Sovremennye water purification system must meet the following requirements:
● Provide high-quality cleaning with minimal maintenance, does not require special skills and time-consuming.
● Generate clean water sufficiently long period which must be calculated over the years, and not provide the consumer with a minimum term of the warranty.


The first factor is dependent on the type and quality of the equipment. The second factor also depends on the experience and integrity specialists to select, install and configure equipment.
For convenience, all water purification system called water filters. In fact, the actual filter is only part of the water purification equipment and most of its subsidiary part. Filters are designed to remove suspended particles, odors, chlorine residuals. In them there is the process of filtration or adsorption. But usually, the main problem of water produced from a well, a high content of iron and increased rigidity. A system designed to remove iron and hardness salts, functional filters are not. Neglect of this factor may adversely affect the quality of water purification.
In the water may be several kinds of iron compounds, iron removal is therefore difficult task requiring ambiguous solutions. Often used catalytic obezzhelezivateli. It dissolved iron is oxidized, precipitating, and filtered. If water is present in undissolved iron, it is necessary to pre-clean the filter. Otherwise, the catalyst filling obezzhelezivateli gradually become dirty and the system will cease to purify water. A small concentration of dissolved iron can be cleaned softener. The biggest problem delivers bacterial iron, which is removed by chlorination.
Water softening is the result of ion exchange between water and the surface of small beads ionoobmennoy special resin. If you assign to the softener is also a function of filtration, the lifetime of the ion exchange resin will be reduced due to pollution. Therefore, the softener has to be protected from pollution filter. And the fine filter. And if the fine filter is clogged quickly, with it you can take the weight coarser filter. (For more information about filters, see below). Adopted in practice installation before softener or obezzhelezivateli only coarse filter 100 microns and more can be little effective. Save the filters should not be as mechanical filters and softeners are much cheaper obezzhelezivateli and mean, as you know, pays twice. Save on small when installing the system - eventually will pay more. It should also be noted that at the same time protected from contamination and the control valve system. Clearly, if the water is clean, and the problem of creating a hardness salts, then you can do one without softener filter.
The process of periodic recovery of working qualities of ion exchange resin or catalyst filling obezzhelezivateli called regeneration. Poor regeneration, as contamination can cause rapid depletion of the ion exchange resin and a catalyst. Therefore, we must make sure that the tank was always regenerant (pelletized salt or potassium permanganate, respectively). You should not fill the tank instead of ordinary salt tablets, as common salt contains impurities, contaminants resin, and is less soluble. Do not install the softener close to the battery as well as at elevated temperature salt used for regeneration, crystallizes. For the same reason, you need to put on pads softener when heated floor. And, of course, the system should be adjusted based on peak flow, or may leave untreated water.
All water treatment systems other than mechanical filters, rinsed (regenerated) automatically. Mechanical filters can be with replaceable cartridges or flush - both manual and automatic. With strong water pollution and heavy traffic of mechanical filters dirt holding capacity may be insufficient. In this case, the filters Sediment type automatic washing. The filter media used quartz sand, anthracite and other minerals, or some combination thereof. The disadvantage of natural fillings is their high specific gravity, which requires high pressure washing, and the heterogeneity of the particle filter medium in size, does not allow the purity of less than 20 micron filtration. To eliminate these drawbacks American company "Kinetico" has developed an artificial filter media "Masrolite" consisting of homogeneous size of porous ceramic beads. By the uniform beads using a filter layer to a greater depth and a smaller proportion improves washing. This would bring the subtlety of cleaning up to 3 microns, which is comparable to the thinnest mechanical filters clean. In addition, "Macrolite" by choosing the value of the balls allows the specified purity filtration. For example, Class M1 used in pharmaceuticals, and provides clearance to 3 microns. Water is used with a purity of M2 grade purification to 5 microns. Through washing and quality with high mechanical strength, this filter medium hardly needs replacing. In Latvia "Macrolite" began to be used in 2006 and shows excellent results.
  The most important and most expensive element of a water purification system is the control valve (other names - "control unit" or "control unit") which controls the regeneration process. It is characterized by a control valve systems from different manufacturers. All other system components, if different, the design of more than technically. Therefore, firms engaged in water treatment, often complement system, purchasing components from different manufacturers. Depending on the energy source control valves are divided into electronic and non-volatile (non-electric).
Electronic valves are manufactured by many companies. They are fairly easy to use, but they are undesirable wide voltage fluctuations and prolonged blackout. For example, if the house plumbing work carried out with the use of electric, it should be at this time, turn off the water purification system from the network, otherwise there will be a complete misalignment electronics. In electron valves regeneration process can be controlled timer or meter. Systems equipped with a timer, cheaper, but less efficient, and can not cope with cleaning in the case of peak water flow.
The control valves operate Kinetico American company from the flow of water, so no need in the electronics and have no problems related to electricity. Kinetico systems are highly reliable, easy to set up and easy to install, since it is not tied to electricity. The regeneration process is regulated by a flow meter and used for the regeneration of purified water, that improves cleaning quality and prolongs the life of the system.
The company produces only Kinetico system of continuous action with two filter columns. Electronic systems also have a cheaper option with one column. Such systems during regeneration do not give purified water, so specially programmed for night regeneration.
  In Latvia, none of the elements of water purification systems is performed. Electronic systems are often manned by separately purchased items. Systems Kinetico are only available in the collection. Installation of the system for an experienced plumber is not difficult, but the selection of the system and its configuration must be carried out by experts.
Properly chosen and the quality system should not serve a year - two, as is often the case, and five - ten years or longer. Cause complete failure of the water treatment system can only be defective control valve. Therefore, we can recommend to consumers to demand from the supplier at a minimum two-year warranty. Corporate valve lasts longer and cheaper counterfeit valve for two years its negative qualities are likely to manifest. The reason for poor-quality water purification may be incorrectly matched system, which in its technical prarametram not designed for the water of the quality or volume of consumption. Cause a gradual deterioration of water quality may be contamination of ion exchange resin or catalyst filling. Installation of the system corresponding to the mechanical filters will protect it from contamination.
In conclusion, one practical advice. You should not attach importance to a multi-year warranty on plastic tanks and pipes. Actual warranty period may only be warranted for the control valve, which is the most vulnerable part of the system. Water treatment system with a faulty control valve loses its purpose. A good cost control valve close to half of the cost of the entire system.



The warranty on the system filters and KINETICO TWO YEARS.

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